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A Headhunter Website Versus a Recruiter Website

You often get confused between a recruiter and the headhunting company. Indeed, both of them are great sources for job seekers, but they are different. Learn the difference between these websites below. As a result, you can find the best job immediately by visiting the best website.

The Goals of the Website 

The goal of headhunter websites and recruiter websites is different. Headhunter websites don’t post job vacancies. The goal of the website is to find the right candidates that meet their company clients. The headhunters design the website to know your profile deeper. On the other hand, a recruitment website has a list of job vacancies. You can apply to them based on the requirements. As long as you pass the requirements, you can apply.

The Involvement in the Hiring Process 

Another difference between a headhunter website and a recruiter website is the involvement in the hiring process. The developer of the headhunter websites isn’t involved in the hiring process. They only ensure that their company clients get the right candidates. 

The opportunity to get the best job is higher when you are using a headhunter. Oppositely, the developers of the recruiter websites are involved in the hiring process. It is the reason why they post job vacancies on the website.     

Types of Jobs 

The type of job and job seekers both websites grab is also different. Headhunter websites are designed for job seekers with a lot of work experience. This service often looks for candidates who have worked as an executive or in high-level positions. 

Recruiter websites grab a variety of candidates by posting a variety of job vacancies. It is a good source for fresh graduate job seekers who are about to find a job for the first time. Some vacancies in the recruiter websites accept fresh graduate jobseekers with less experience.

Now, you can decide whether you have to visit a headhunter website or a recruiter website. This understanding helps you to get the right job in the best company right away. 

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