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5 Critical Points You Should Explain to an Executive Headhunter to Get Their Recommendation

An executive headhunter Jakarta is not only helping you find the right job but also connecting you to the company. Because of that, they will interview you to ensure that you are the right candidate for the company. The information below helps you to understand the types of questions most headhunters ask. 

Explain about Yourself 

It is a basic question all recruiters and headhunters ask when interviewing a candidate. It is the way the headhunter knows about you. Indeed, introducing yourself is not enough. Try to be more appealing by explaining about your career. Focus on your key achievements and your career plans for the future.

Explain the Reason Why You Leave Your Last Company 

An executive headhunter Jakarta will also ask about the reason why you leave your last company. Indeed, be honest when answering this question. Nevertheless, avoid answering it with a negative answer. Try to find a positive reason that makes you have to leave the company. Remember to explain that you are ready to welcome the new stage of your career. 

Explain Your Strengths 

Your headhunter also wants to know your strengths. You don’t have to explain all your strengths even if you have them. Make it brief and clear by explaining two or three skills that are related to the position you want to apply for. It will be better if you also have a recommendation from your coworkers to validate your skills. 

Explain Your Weaknesses 

Explaining your strengths sounds easy, but what if you have to explain your weakness? It is a tricky question. The way you answer this question determines whether you will get the job or not. A trick you can use to answer this question is by choosing one weakness or failed project. Then, explain the situation and the way you overcome your weakness or failed project.  

Explain One Thing You Can Change about the Company if You Could Do It 

It is another challenging question most job seekers are afraid of. Answer this question by describing the strategies you are about to do. Describe it, along with the data you have about the company. Remember to explain the results you expect after applying the strategies.    

So, most questions from an executive headhunter Jakarta are tricky. The main purpose is not only knowing about you but also how much you know about the company, your attitude, priorities, and skills. Be creative in answering the questions. As a result, you pass the interview session, and the headhunter impresses and recommends you to the company

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